FRF Toyota is on a mission to save the planet!

FRF Toyota is taking its first steps towards becoming a more conscious and eco-friendly business.

A few months ago, we had an issue at our Carmarthen dealership where some event balloons were let go into the air rather than being disposed of correctly. We were grateful for the people of Carmarthen who made us aware of this issue and have since made it a main business focus to decrease our impact on our environment.

One of the first changes we were able to implement imediately is the introduction of more recycling bins in all dealerships. We are now recycling all the paper and plastic that we use as a company!

Another important change that has been brought in to all our dealerships is new bio-degradable coffee cups and stirrers in our waiting areas. Coffee is at the heart of the business and we drink a lot of it!


This is an ongoing comittment as we continue to find and implement new ways of reducing our impact on the environment. Have any ideas for us? We'd love to hear them!


Please email any suggestions to